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December 16, 2019
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    Change of Name, Change of Surname, Marriage Register, Divorce Register, Civil Registration, i.e. Education documents such as Degree Testimonial, Transcript proceeding and certify document with the Nationality Division, Custom Department, Ministry of Foreign Affair and the Embassies in Thailand. The China Embassy, the Netherlands, England, Australia, Taiwan (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) Vietnam, Portugal, Italy, the United State of Arab Emirates.
We start at 300 baht per page

Education Documents
Certificate of Single Status
Certificate of Company Register
Change of Name
Identity Citizen
Change of Surname
ทะเบียนบ้าน ทร.14
House Address
Change of Title
ทะเบียนฉบับคัดลอก ทร.14/1
Copied of House Address
ใบสำคัญการสมรส คร.3
Marriage Certificate
สูติบัตร ทร.1
Report of Birth
ทะเบียนสมรส-บันทึกการสมรส คร.2Record of Marriage
Certificate of Report of Birth
  ใบสำคัญการหย่า คร.7
Divorce Certificate
ทะเบียนหย่า-บันทึกการหย่า คร.6
Record of Divorce
Work Permit Certificate
Transcript Certificate
ประกาศนียบัตร จบการศึกษา
Degree Testimonial
Honorable Certificate

Also our company have certify document with the various of Embassies and submission the documents to you

How to send the translate documents?

you can send your document which you need to translate by post office, fax or e-mail.

In case of the document you need to translate have many pages or important documents, we can receive by sending our messenger to get your documents directly.


info@tadeeinternational.com, tadeeinter@gmail.com, Line : vassvass, Skype : vassana3,

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