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December 16, 2019
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Service visa specialist Bangkok Thailand





Visa Professional Service
       TADEE International Co., Ltd.

USA Visa Appointment Date/Time September, October Sure 100%

Proudly visa approvals
Proudly visa approvals
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visa Students approvals
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VISA Service
Over more than 10 years dedicated experience in the field of visa consulting, we worked hard and proudly of the highest satisfaction of the visa approvals for our customers achievement.

Some candidates have been rejected from several visa reasons and a different of subject to review and discretion of the Embassy. The factors an including being denied visas such as, the evidence of financial and social relationships, family. Many applicants wonder at denied visas from the Embassy.

- We, TADEE International Co., Ltd. are the service agency of visa submission for people, who wish to travel abroad.
- We have experiences and expertise on immigration law and preparation of documents for visa applicants.
- We pay attention to all procedures of document checking and preparation of interview with the embassy.
- We provide training for applicant in all procedures.

Therefore, dont worry about any document and preparation. We offer good service and opportunity to the visa applicants for traveling abroad for tourism, further study or working purpose and to people, who have foreign partners and wish to apply for fianc? visa for permanent settlement.

English VISA Services
England Visa.
Switzerland Visa.
America Visa.
Australia Visa.
Schengen Countries.
Marriage Visa, Fianc? Visa, Tourist Visa, Student Visa, Employment Visa and all of type of visas we guaranteed result.
Non Immigrant Visa.
Immigrant / Settlement Visa (Marriage Register, Spouses, Leaving with parents.)
Vacation Visa (Foreigner only.)
Work Permit Form (Foreign only.)
Services by filling all types of visa application form (start at 400 baht per page.)

info@tadeeinternational.com, tadeeinter@gmail.com, Line : vassvass, Skype : vassana3,

https://www.facebook.com/vassana.tadee https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002296959283

ѹ ի!!! ءի ԹúԡҧзѺ info@tadeeinternational.com Office (+66) 091-862-5474


Service visa specialist Bangkok Thailand

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